A small boat with a big history

The Skylark IX Recovery Trust cares for a ‘Dunkirk Little Ship’ that saved lives during Operation Dynamo in 1940 and was herself later saved from a watery grave at Loch Lomond in 2012. Today, as a symbol of recovery and resilience, Skylark IX sits at the heart of our projects inspiring people to make positive changes to their lives and communities. Catch-up with our latest news! Watch our FIRST SKIFFS LAUNCH ON LOCH LOMOND To join our rowing club, email [email protected]

The boat

Explore the history

Skylark IX has been on many adventures from Dunkirk, around the UK coast and on Loch Lomond. Follow her journey in our potted history and timeline.

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Looking to the future

Wartime service, Remembrance Day commemorations and pleasure cruises, Skylark IX has contributed so much to communities over her lifetime. After sinking, she is badly deteriorated but we have exciting plans to create the Spirit of Skylark IX Centre. The new Centre will ensure a bright future for Skylark and the community projects, such as skiff building, she makes possible.

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